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Combo MS Amscud Spear Pirate

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Product Description


The AmScuD Pirate is our latest compact and light freediving mask. We are proud to announce this low-volume mask ask our newest model replace our already best-selling freediving mask.

Best soft silicone providing you ultimate comfort and fit.
Micro adjustable strap
Need to take off your mask? GET it done easily with our new LOCKEASY buckle. Take off buckle from mask within seconds!

Let's talk about frame and silicone! That's our bread and butter..

Non-Reflecting orange-peel frame for free-diving camuflage. This orange-peel surface is suitable for military due to its non-reflecting surface.
Need to snug this into your pocket? It is foldable! You can easily carry your 2nd mask as backup. Else, just put the mask in your hand-carry luggage. It is barely as big as your phone!
Silicone is so soft that you it barely leaves any mark when used in prolonged time.
Did we say it is low-volume? *ASCOM* In case we didnt, well..it is very much low volume.

See the fin grip on the side of the nose pocket? Get a feeling of our new extendable silicone frame. No more mask frowning due to mask equalizing! How cool is that?
Yeah..we're the 1st the market that implement this skirt. Watchout for counterfits!

Mask ini juga di rancang dengan material super ringan dan kuat, serta bahan dan silicone juga sangat lembut dan anti slip sehingga nyaman saat digunakan di wajah user. Dikarnakan kegiatan freediving berbeda dengan diving dengan menggunakan tabung biasa, perbedaaan itu terletak pada kecepatan diver pada saat ascending dan descending yaitu lebih cepat sampai 2 - 3 kali lebih cepat dari diving biasanya, sehingga mask AMSCUD Pirate ini dilengkapi dengan buckle anti Wiggle sehinggan sangat amat bersahabat dengan gerakan diver itu sendiri.



Snorkel Pirate dirancang untuk kegiatan free-diving. Namun, Pirate sangat dapat digunakan untuk scuba diving terutama rescue diving untuk pertolongan pertama.
Untuk rancangan model yang aerodinamis sangat cocok digunakan untuk frediving ketika melakukan proses ducking (menungkik tajam membelah air), kelebihan lain yaitu pada snorkle keeper dengan rancangan legendaris menjadikan snorkel ini cukup tangguh untuk digunakan terlebih lagi dengan sentuhan warna MATTE BLACK menjadikan snorkel ini terlihat semakin tangguh!!

The AmScuD Snorkel Pirate is our newest in the line freediving snorkel.

It was designed for Deep Spear Fishing and Free Diving. After hearing a lot of feedback from our dear freediving customers, we combine their needs and our years of expertise to create Pirate snorkel.

Classic Contoured "J"-Style Snorkel that has been tried and proven. The simple design makes this snorkel almost bullet/tank proof!
It is much more reliable compared too many of the newer Hi-Tech Snorkels on the market.
No fancy valves on top or bottom. If you can blast clear a snorkel than this is what you want.
The ABS Preformed Corrugated Section adds Comfort when being used The Pirate Snorkel comes with a Low Profile Hydrodynamic Snorkel Keeper.

  • Corrugated Lower Tub
  • Designed Specifically for Deep Spear Fishing and Free Diving
  • Great No-Nonsense Snorkel for Scuba
  • Preformed Corrugated ABS Lower Tube
  • Special Ultra-Flex PVC Material Tube
  • Excellent Shape Memory
  • Snorkel Tube Bends and Springs Back to Original Shape w/o Damage
  • Great around Rocks, Wrecks and Overhangs
  • Anatomical Liquid Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Designed for the Serious Spear Fishermen
  • Classic Contoured "J"-Style Snorkel
  • Low Profile Hydrodynamic Snorkel Keeper
  • Color: Black

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